As part of Facebook’s efforts to strengthen privacy and safety protections for young people on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram, they’re making several changes across their platforms, including ad products.

What is changing?
Starting August 23, 2021, detailed targeting and any Custom Audiences, including Website Custom Audiences and Custom Audiences from a customer list, will no longer be available to target ads to people under 18 globally, and under 20 in Thailand, and under 21 in Indonesia. This means that young people will be removed from these existing ad sets that include detailed targeting or Custom Audiences from a customer list, which may result in a decrease in audience sizes as well as fluctuations in CPAs and Potential Reach. Campaigns impacted by this update will be notified in Ads Manager. For new ad sets that include young people, you’ll only be able to target by location, age and gender. Read more about these changes here.

What you can do to prepare
I recommend you review your affected ads before August 23. To continue to reach young people, you can create ad sets specifically for young people that don’t include detailed targeting, and only target by location, age and gender. This way you can still reach this younger audience, while continuing to use detailed targeting for older audiences only in your existing ad sets.
For Reach & Frequency campaigns that are scheduled to end after August 23, 2021, you can choose one of the following options based on what you are most comfortable with:

  • Keep the campaign running as is. Starting August 23, the audience size may drop as we remove young people from non-compliant campaigns, but we will honor the CPM quoted when you created the campaign. Depending on audience size fluctuations, there is a risk of under-delivery of original estimated Reach and Frequency estimates but, as with all under-delivered campaigns, you will not be billed for the amount that was not delivered.


  • Edit your campaigns, specifically the age targeting, to comply with the new restrictions. You may see fluctuation from their original reach, frequency and CPM estimates, given the new audience. We recommend you edit your campaigns if the original campaign’s audience was majority users under the age of 18.

You can read more about these changes in our Instagram Blog postNewsroom post and Facebook Business Blog

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